The Memoir Contest is currently closed.

Please check back here for the contest guidelines.

Starting in 2015, VCWC established an annual memoir contest. We honor our past winners and are happy to encourage the craft with this popular genre.


First Place: The Brownie Pan by Judy Richardson

Second Place: Of Guns, Pigs, and Flies by Christina Steiner

Third Place: Money by Susan Jones

HM: I Can Do This! Or Can … I? by Shawn Simon

HM: Summer of Love? by Bob Calverley

HM: Boys and Girls by Gail Field

HM: Red Dirt Fistfight by Philip Brown


First Place: Barbie’s Dream House by Carol Malone

Second Place: Baker by Robb Geweniger

Third Place: The Catch by Wesley Ginther

Apple Daisies by Rob Loewe

Three Short Mean Men by Saxon Sitka

HM: Momma Didn’t Raise No Hero by Christian Spangenberg


First Place: Sinks and Cabbages by Karen Gorback

Second Place: Peak Attitude by Sunny Glessner

Third Place: Freedom by Peter Pohl

HM: Catechism by Louise Angeli

HM: Hide and Seek from The Secret Police by Joyce DuPuis

HM: The Topic Was Taboo by Barbara Fischer

HM: My Fourth Grade Baseball Career by Robb Geweniger

HM: Marching for My Brother by Thomas Pratt