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Philip Brown

Light Runner

Sixteen-year-old Dara Adengard would rather read graphic novels than do her homework and prefers the freedom of skateboarding to the restrictions of life with her military father. Stung by the recent death of her mother, Dara conceals her mom’s picture under a square of grip tape on her skateboard. But no matter how much Dara tries to keep a foothold on the past, she can’t ride away from her own destiny.

One evening, she discovers a silver and gold armlet with mysterious powers in the shadowy water of the swimming pool. Forged from an ancient meteorite metal, it possesses the power to heal or wound. When Dara holds it, it emits a light that seems to have been ignited by a star’s ray.

“For being a book about a girl who finds a mystical healing bracelet, Light Runner turned out to be very down to earth and contemporary. I have to say, I really, really liked that. Philip Brown does a great job keeping the story grounded in our world and our reality. So much so that I could see something like this showing up on the news or in a Twitter feed . . . Instead of feeding us questions about the possibly supernatural origins or purpose of the bracelet, Brown instead centers the story around the fact that Dara is a teenage girl, alone, uncertain, and searching desperately for her father. We are so caught up in Dara’s personal stakes that we don’t necessarily care about whether the bracelet has a higher purpose -we just accept that the bracelet is. For me, the way Brown managed to pull off this sleight of hand was one of the most interesting aspects of the story.” —Amanda K. Thompson, YA Book Reviewer

“My overall feelings after reading this book are… INTENSE, PLOT-BASED READ! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone really. It’s a nice short read, bit of YA, bit of contemporary, bit of fantasy. I think everyone would be able to identify something they like in this book whether it’s a magical part, a realistic part or an intense part!” —The Book Moo, YA Book Reviewer

About the Author

Philip Brown, contemporary teen fantasy author, is motivated by the power of words to change lives. As a high school teacher, he’s inspired by students’ lives, many of whom struggle to overcome difficult social and personal issues. “The classroom,” he says, “feeds my writing. It is a place filled with brilliant and amazing stories.” Light Runner, premier book in a three book series, was published by Strange Fictions Press in early 2016.

Before he began writing fiction, Philip wrote a couple of astrology books. Cosmic Trends was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2006 and was a finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award. His widely read AstroFutureTrends blog was turned into a book, On the Cusp: Astrological Reflections from the Threshold. He’s also written for Dell Horoscope and The Mountain Astrologer.

He studied Shakespearean acting in London and once lived on a Kona coffee farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Philip grew up with three strong sisters and a lineage of strong women and learned to appreciate their fortitude and determination. In writing Light Runner, he wanted to convey his heritage of their powerful resilience through the character of Dara.

Philip likes to discover new books, watch British cop shows, and groove to the beat at rock music concerts with his wife. He received his Master of Arts degree in English from California State University Los Angeles and lives in Southern California. He is a member of the International Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.