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Bonham Richards

World Without Cats

A devastating, uniformly fatal virus disease infects the domestic cats of Camarillo, California. Veterinarian Vera Barnett and her lover, molecular biologist Noah Chamberlin, attempt, unsuccessfully, to find a cure. The disease spreads throughout the Western United States, then the world. Eccentric epidemiologist Angelo Kraakmo traces the origin of the malady to a zoo in Seattle, Washington. Will the common housecat become extinct? What would be the implications of the extinction of a domestic companion that has lived with humans for many thousands of years?

Being a cat owner, this book really touched me, trying to imagine my world without my two felines. I would recommend this book to all my friends. I received this book through GOODREADS First Reads Giveaway. ―Diana

Good book, will be adding to me reread list! Quite plausible story, a new virus can mutate at any time, and the race to save the cat is gripping, as they are necessary for man’s survival in ways we don’t think of. ―Susan

About the Author

Bonham Richards, an unabashed cat-lover, has been a science-fiction fan all his life. He served as a college educator in biology at Cal. State University at San Bernardino and the University of Southern California. On his retirement, he relocated from Los Angeles to Camarillo. Perhaps inspired by his feline companion, Lilith, Richards began work on the novel, World Without Cats. It took him about 20 years to finish it.

Subsequently, he wrote a children’s book, Louis in the Hall, for six- to nine-year-olds.