One of the primary genres, poetry speaks to our soul and emotions. Delve into the words by our members.

A. Bernie Barnes

Fun Poems: From Uncle Bernie

This is a book of poetry containing real life lessons in an entertaining and fun way. The poetry is structured for daily reading for encouragement, inspiration and reflection. the purpose of this volume is to introduce readers, young and older, to fun and magic in stories told in the form of very readable, delightful poems. It is hoped that new readers will be attracted to the genre of poetry and perhaps encourage them to be writers themselves.

This collection of inspirational poetry is a great book to keep and read again and again. also, it’s an ideal and inexpensive and sensational gift for all ages; one that always will be treasured and remembered.

About the Author

A writer and author of poetry books, he is former engineer and sales and marketing manager and CEO in the corporate world. A graduate of University of Nebraska and veteran of WWII, U.S. Navy, he is now retired. Activities include gardening, cooking, and business interests in addition to church and community service. A grandfather and great grandfather, he now lives in California. His books include: Scope of Life; Fun Poems; Dreams, Love and Sighs; The Birth of Christmas; Mountain Life; and Spirit Lyrics.