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Melody S. Deal

On the Wings of a Dove

Sarah Whitcome, mother of five, is happy and content on her family’s farm. A catastrophic event thrusts her into the role of head of the household. Sarah buts heads with 1903 social convention as she struggles to maintain their farm and find a way to eke out a living for her family.

Harnessed with God’s grace and guidance, she plows into the challenge. Sarah’s wit, wisdom and unwavering trust in her Creator make a compelling story.

The Whitcomes’ diverse personalities mold them into characters that jump to life from the page and steal your affections. Sprinkle in extended family, long-time friends, foes and a hired hand with a sketchy past, and you’ve got a story that will warm your heart and uplift your soul.

“Melody has a very nice style of writing, making the book easy to read. I must say that I enjoyed it, got pulled into the characters and found it amazing how she could tie scripture to every day decisions. Of course, I’m hooked and would read the next book as I want to know what happens next.” —Cheryl

“On the Wings of a Dove was so good, I really enjoyed reading it. It is the kind of book that when you start reading, you don’t want to put it down. Melody is a good writer. My sister who is a missionary in Costa Rica read it too and really liked it. We can’t wait until she writes the next volume. I’m so glad she wrote the book.” —Judy

About the Author

Melody Deal was born and raised in a quintessential tight-knit Indiana farming community where she experienced both the pleasures and perils of small town life. She will readily tell you that growing up immersed in old-time religion, surrounded by family, friends and an abundance of back-fence neighbors gave her a blessed childhood.

She is a late bloomer and new to the literary scene. Melody’s sincere desire is to use her new-found gift for the written word to share the message of God’s love and grace with others. On the Wings of a Dove, the first novel in Melody’s Sarah Whitcome trilogy, is her testimony to The Heavenly Father’s steadfast presence in her life. Melody draws from her early-life memories, steeped in colloquialisms and rich with ‘thou-shalt-nots’ to add flavor to her writing. Melody now lives in Camarillo, California with her husband, Robert, and their dog, Abby.