Lock your doors and check under the bed before reading these books by our VCWC members.

Tim Pompey

Dr. Bart’s Lonely Soul Collection

Detweiler. A quiet town in northwest Oklahoma. A town where nothing unusual happens. So it comes as no surprise that the good citizens of Detweiler are unprepared for what’s about to descend on them. Dr. Bart, a man with unique powers who travels in a bright red truck and trailer. Town to town he rides offering people the chance to step into his Airstream. They walk in. They disappear. Why?

Eva Michaels knows why and is in hot pursuit—to save lives and to banish Bart to hell. The devil is a roaring lion and Eva has been sent to catch him. Dr. Bart is cunning, but so is Eva. Face to face, they will match their powers and wits in a quest to stop him from adding more innocent victims to his Lonely Soul Collection.


About the Author

Tim Pompey is a news writer, musician, and poet living along California’s Central Coast. He was awarded the Still Waters Press Winter Poetry Award 2000 for his chapbook, Getting Through the Fog. His previous collections of short stories, One Side Leads to the Other, Burnt by Sun, Blind Spot, and Primitive Terrain, as well as his novels Freeland, Nightfly, The Perilous Paintings of Lily Day, Find Walter, Down the Road, and Dream-scape are available on Amazon.