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Tim Pompey


Sarah Perse was burned badly from an IED explosion during the Iraq war in 2004. Now living a hermit’s life in a small town in northern Idaho, she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, too much drinking, and drug abuse. While sprawled on the street after a night of drinking, Perse meets her next-door neighbor’s young daughter, Suzy, who whispers to her, I know magic. After that, Perse begins to have vivid dreams that reveal visions of a strange, new universe.

When Suzy vanishes, Perse sets out to find her. Follow the light, Suzy tells her in a dream, and the light Perse receives could be the key not only to finding Suzy, but also discovering her own healing and peace of mind.

Author Tim Pompey has created a compelling parable which leaves us believing in our own magic. It is a one day book for a retired person like myself who loves reading. I recommend it for all readers, especially those who embrace late night confrontations with their own mortality.

About the Author

Tim Pompey is a news writer, musician, and poet living along California’s Central Coast. He was awarded the Still Waters Press Winter Poetry Award 2000 for his chapbook, Getting Through the Fog. His previous collections of short stories, One Side Leads to the Other, Burnt by Sun, Blind Spot, and Primitive Terrain, as well as his novels Freeland, Nightfly, The Perilous Paintings of Lily Day, Find Walter, Down the Road, and Dream-scape are available on Amazon.