These stories written by our VCWC members will delight younger readers and spark their imagination and interest in the world around them.

Tim Pompey

Mrs. Parsley and the Tale of Mossel’s Farm

Mrs. Parsley loves to tell stories to children. In her little house in Okafor, Florida, she writes them herself. Then, in a twist from her own past, Mrs. Parsley and her young friend Terence go on an adventure to rescue children held captive at the Mossel’s farm deep in the Big Cypress Swamp.


“There is a compelling and playful story in my mind as I form characters, relationships, landscapes and particularly swamp-scapes. There’s magic in the air, in the simple movement around Mrs. Parsley…she’s kind and gentle, caring and thoughtful…a venture in the swamp reveals a discretion of the presence of the extraordinary and an ease befriending and cooperating with it.

Mrs. Parsley’s life and story compels us to read and listen; to engage, discover and join the story. Each reading unveils fresh layers awaiting discovery: invitation and challenge, faithfulness and passion, desperation, deceit and restoration. I’m hoping there’s more to come.”

— Tim Sandquist, Redwood City, CA

About the Author

Tim Pompey is a news writer, musician, and poet living along California’s Central Coast. His previous collections of short stories, One Side Leads to the Other, Burnt by Sun, Blind Spot, Primitive Terrain, and Deep Down, as well as his novels Freeland, Nightfly, The Perilous Paintings of Lily Day, Find Walter, Down the Road, Dream-scape and Dr. Bart’s Lonely Soul Collection are available on Amazon.