The club offers several special benefits to its members, including free services to promote yourself: 

  • Publicity through “Fresh Ink”, a monthly program where recently-published members can showcase their work and sell (as well as sign!) copies of their books at our general meetings.  
  • Promotion through our mailing list by announcements and notices for publications, book talks, hosting workshops, and writing activities (submit announcements to 
  • Promotion through participation and networking during club activities, such as meetings, conferences, and panels. 
  • A free online storefront via the Club’s website for members to showcase their books with links for purchasing. 
  • Advertisement of consulting and writing related services through the Club’s website on our Consultants page. 
  • Publishing opportunities in our bi-annual anthologies ( 
  • Publishing and promotion through the club’s bi-monthly newsletter, The Write Stuff. (Submit newsletter articles, press releases, and poetry to our Newsletter Editor, Carol Malone at 
  • Publicity through the bi-monthly newsletter feature titled “Meet the Members”, written by our 2nd Vice President, Carol Malone (email  
  • An electronic copy of our bi-monthly newsletter, The Write Stuff, for free.
  • Access to critique groups across all genres with fellow VCWC members, as well as form new ones. 
  • Discounts on all VCWC writing contest entry fees and selected, sponsored events, as well as a raffle for our monthly member drawings at our meetings. 

Want to join?