Monday, December 11, 2017
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Past Poetry Contest Winners

To encourage the craft, VCWC sponsors an annual poetry contest. We honor our past winners. If you have any information about the 2005 and 2006 poetry contests, as well as honorable mentions (HM) from past contests, please contact Barbara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




First Place: World Dance by Bijaya Eaton

Second Place: Except to say by Anita McLaughlin

Third Place: Girl in Blue by Karen Kinrose

HM: The Postlude by Robert Banfill

HM: Girlfriends Days by channa carter

HM: A Salute to Toads by Ron Loewe

HM: Meditation Frustration by Kim Reed

HM: Never Gone by Sharon Sinczewski



First Place: Sonnet with Kitchen Sink by Lindsay Kiri

Second Place: The Salvation Story Part I by Noah Sletten




First Place:  Willa's Song: Coyote by Glenna Luschei of San Luis Obispo

Second Place: A Portrait in Raspberry by Laura Dixon of Ventura

Third Place: Freeze-up by Bruce Reynolds of Potomac, Maryland

HM: A Strand of Scarlet Yarn by Diana Caskey of Ventura

HM: OctopusMachina by Michael Seals of Camarillo

HM: Water: Written on a Balcony in Rome by Diana Mautner of Oxnard



Ages 13-17: IAm a Painting by Raya Driggers of Ojai

Ages 12 and Under: Finally a Big Sister by Natalie Stegner of Camarillo





First Place:  Les Raboteurs De Parquet by Ron Alexander of Santa Barbara

Second Place: Moon Over Lima by Nancy-Jean of Thousand Oaks

Third Place: Knowing That All Things Must End by Katherine Hamilton of Camarillo

HM: A Record by Erin Moore

HM: Sea Lions in the Afterlife by Ron Alexander of Santa Barbara

HM: Morning Mirror by Katherine Hamilton of Camarillo

HM: Rabbit Hole by Christina Pages



First place: Only if You Believe by Brisa Porter Garcia of Simi Valley

Second Place: Window Talk by Erin Stoodley of Ventura

Third Place: Time by Callie Blumenfield of El Paso




First Place: Flight by Diana G. Caskey

Second Place: Monsoons in New Mexico by Glenna Luschei

Third Place: Pending by Joyce La Mers

Youth: 13-18

First Place: I Loved It by Seamus Morrison

Second Place: Horse by Nichole Riffenburgh

Third Place: Against the Ocean by April Swan

Youth: Under 12

First place: The Nature of Clouds by Kyle Foster

Second place: Skiing by Sydney Fleet

Third place: Field of Gold (Stolen) by Christopher Gaston



Audio Visual

First Place:  First There Was Stone by Maia

Second Place: 9503 Maryknoll by Phil Taggart

Third Place: Love Changed by Ricky Robles

HM: Hilde's Song by Richard Lukas

HM: Poems and Pictures by Blanche Campagnoni



First Place: Sometimes an Angel by Mary Kay Rummel

Second Place: She Lies in the Middle by Robert Geweniger

Third Place: What Do the Dead Know? by Mike Faran

HM:  Airports of the World by Danielle Brown

HM: This New Child by Kay Krattli


Youth: 13-18

First Place:  Behind Our Eyes by Olivia Adelman

Second Place: Lost by Kaleigh James

Third Place: Lost Oceans by Ana-Luisa Anaya

HM: Memorable Night by Carolyn Olsen

HM: Growing Up by Emma Huebner


Youth: Under 12

First Place: Love/Hatred by Elana Luo

Second Place: Ruby by Juliet Ward

Third Place: If I Were a … by Hannah Buch

HM: Something on the Floor by Maya Porche

HM:  The Beach by Natalie Markman




First Prize: and those who call themselves human…what are they like? by Virginia Anderson

Second Prize: To Die For by Michael Faran

Third Prize: Dylan '65 by Michael Faran


Youth: 13-18

First Prize: Memorization by Katie Wurtzel

Second Prize: I'm Still Here by Erin Strubbe

Third Prize: I'm Already There by Ana-Luisa Anaya

HM: Disarray by Sara Wilson

HM:  Winter's Melody by Juliana DiStefano


Youth: 12 and under

 First Prize: Storm by Kayla Borkovec

 Second Prize: The Shooting Star by Alisha Patel

 Third Prize: Avalanche by Chris Flood




 First Place: Mother Redux by Carla Laureen Henry

 Second Place: The Enigma of Survival by Patricia Hoad

 Third Place: The woman who Went to Bed by Ron A. Alexander

 HM: One Fence Away by Michael Faran

 HM: Blue Lupine by Patricia Hoad

 HM:  Senryu by Doris Vernon


Youth: 13-18

First Place: Invasion by Rachel Phillips

Second  Place:  It Rains by Cara Pew

Third Place: The Dog by Mykel Davis

HM: Cancer Chooses You by Carly Horne

HM: A Mirror’s Secret by Megan Yip

HM:  Little Miss Smug by Rachel Phillips

HM: Punching Bag by Arvind Bhattacharya

HM:  Lil Jester by Edgar L Palencia




First Place: Renovation by Cathryn Andresen

Second Place: Featherbrains by Margaret Morris

Third Place: We Go to a Fire by Michael Faran


Under 18

First Place: Being Me by Elizabeth Riker

Second Place: The Silly Game by Valerie Lopez

Third Place: Ode to an Orange by Patty Espinoza



First Place: Lament for a Long-Stranded Ship by James Vernon

Second Place: Adam and Eve Revisited by Stuart Chalfant

Third Place: Horses, Higher Education & A Budweiser Beer Salesman by Polly Bee




First Place: My 8th Birthday (after Frank O' Hara) by Melissa Grossman

Second Place: Joy in the Morning by Danielle Brown

Third Place: Battles by Paul Westefer

HM: Carelessness by Melissa Grossman

HM: Spring Rain by Danielle Brown

HM: Silence Is Golden by Helen Stockdale



First Place: How to Paint Yourself Into a Corner by Cathryn Andresen

Second Place: Some Reasons Why I Won't Loan You $500 by Michael Faran

Third Place: Rick Sings by Phil Taggert

HM: Perfect Lady by Risky Betts

HM: Hansel Comforts Gretel by Doris Vernon

HM: to the girl wearing a rain-soaked beret by Michael Faran

HM: Labor Day at Lake Chautauqua by Mary H. Shaffer.


2005 and 2006

First Place: DNA by William Vietinghoff

Second Place: August by Tim Tipton

Third Place: Beyond the Margin by Diana Blackburn

Third Place: A tanka by Doris Vernon

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