Monday, December 11, 2017
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Poetry Contest Winners Honored in 2017

The 2017 VCWC Poetry Contest garnered over 120 entries. Poets from the UK, Canada, and four different states entered. Eighty entries were made through and forty were sent by USPS mail. Two honorable mention winners were from out of state. Most entries came from Ventura County and the surrounding area.

Many of the entries were submitted by professionals—professors, doctors and lawyers. Poems also came from students—high school, college and elementary as well as from immigrants and foreign students. Poetry topics and styles varied widely—death themes dominated. 

Fourteen awards were presented in the adult, under-13, and young adult categories, including eight honorable mentions. Only one entry was received in the under-13 category, judge Shelba Cole Robison said it was excellently written, deserving of an award.

Six winners attended the April 11 awards ceremony. All adult category place winners came to the ceremony and read: Camille Boudreau read “Daphne” which won third place; Anita McLaughlin read “Grandfather’s Photograph” and “The Rat” which won honorable mention and second place, respectively; and Christina Pages, the first-place winner, read “A Hungarian Exile Comes Home,” a poem about returning her ex-husband’s ashes to his home of birth. Grace Wynn read, “From God’s Eye View” the 13-under first place poem; Kaylee Slingluff read, “Daisy and the Dirt Below” which won an honorable mention in the young adult category; and Sydney Edgecomb read her first-place young adult poem, “Code Blue.” Sydney was also the first-place winner in the 2016 VCWC Short Story contest—youth category. Seven certificates were mailed to the awardees.

The final judge in the adult category, Enid Osborn, was unable to attend the ceremony because she was installed as the Santa Barbara Poet Laureate the same evening. Ms. Osborn said it was a close contest. The top poems were close in expertise.



First Place: A Hungarian Exile Comes Home by Christina Pages

Second Place: The Rat by Anita McLaughlin

Third Place: Daphne by Camille Boudreau

HM: Grandfather's Photograph by Anita McLaughlin

HM: But You Forgot by Nanci Woody

HM: The House Cat by Susan Chambers

HM: Objet D'Art by SR Grosslight

HM: Barbara, Marian and the Elder by Nick Sweet


Youth: 13 to 17

First Place: Code Blue by Sydney Edgecomb

Second Place: The Skinny Deception by Reina Nadeau

Third Place: Mr. Xi by Mary Lingyu Yan

HM: Simply Music by Leila Horton

HM: Daisy and the Dirt Below by Kaylee Sara Slingluff


Youth: 12 and Under

First Place: Watching from God’s Eye View  by Grace Wynn


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