The Ventura County Writers Club (VCWC) is an active group of more than 100 novelists, short story writers, journalists, memoirists, screenwriters, playwrights, poets, and humorists. Founded in 1933, VCWC is a not-for-profit volunteer organization driven by writers for writers. Our mission is “To Encourage the Craft,” and we extend support, guidance, and a networking opportunity to writers, at all levels of expertise, published or not. All club activities are designed to expand writers’ creativity and business skills.

The club’s general meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, except December. Speakers explore all phases of the writing process: motivation, creativity, publicity, publication, and more.  Additionally, VCWC casts a spotlight on its members by providing a platform at these meetings for them to discuss their recent publications.

VCWC also co-hosts the 805 Writers Conference for writers of non-ficton, memoir, novels, and screenplays. This annual event is great for new writers, published authors and aspiring screenwriters. Check out their website here.

Additional events, such as focused panels, allow writers to share their expertise and engage in a dialogue with the audience.  Past panels have included a short story panel to prepare writers to submit to our annual short story contest and a memoir panel that featured winning memoirists.

VCWC Membership has its Benefits

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in or a passion for writing. VCWC provides additional networking and publishing services, including advertising for consulting services and an online bookstore.

The club assists members in forming critique workshops and generates opportunities for publication and publicity through several sources: our bimonthly newsletter; annual short story, memoir, and poetry contests; and our biannual anthology. Discounts on all VCWC contest entry fees and selected, sponsored events, as well as a free monthly raffle at our general meetings.