June 11 - Gene Perret

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Gene Perret has been a comedy writer since the early 1960’s working for comedians such as Slappy White and Phyllis Diller. He’s been a television comedy writer and producer since 1968. Perret has earned seven Emmy nominations, including one for original music, and two Writer’s Guild Award nominations. He captured three Emmy awards and one Writer’s Guild Award as part of the Carol Burnett Show writing staff. Gene produced “Welcome Back, Kotter,” “Three’s Company,” and “The Tim Conway Show.”

Gene worked on Bob Hope’s writing staff for 28 years, from 1969 until the comic’s retirement – many of those years as Hope’s head writer. During that time, Gene wrote for all of Bob’s personal appearances and TV Specials, while traveling with the Bob Hope troupe to the war zones of Beirut, the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and on a peacetime military jaunt around the world that featured stops at the Berlin Wall and in Moscow.

Perret has published over 40 books of humor or instructional volumes on comedy writing. His Comedy Writing Step-by-Step, first published in 1982, is still considered by many to be the bible for comedy writing. It’s used as a textbook in many university writing classes.

Besides his humorous books and howto books on the craft of comedy, Gene teaches comedy writing through various avenues, including via e-mail. You can contact Gene through the website www.comedywritersroom.com

Today he lives in Southern California and teaches email classes in comedy writing. His hobbies include painting, sketching, and playing the guitar. He paints rather well, sketches adequately, but you don’t want to listen to his guitar playing. No one does.

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