Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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The Ventura County Writers Club was founded in 1933 by four writers in the Ojai, California area. Since then the club has grown to more than 150 members and holds regular monthly general membership meetings. In these meetings persons prominent in all areas and genres of the literary field speak on sources for ideas, enhancing creativity, and getting your work published. Click here for Membership Information...

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August 2016 Speaker

Write It …Off! …an essential lesson

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”  Benjamin Franklin, Americanstatesman, 1705-90

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” Will Rogers, American actor, humorist. 1879-1935

“Human nature stays the same—the one thing that stays constant—like death and taxes. And people still want good stories.”  Alison Owen, British film producer, 1961-


I’d add to these sentiments that writers of good stories want to pay less in taxes. Are you nodding your head vigorously, saying “Amen!” and looking for somebody to high-five?

On Tuesday, August 9, we’ll take a break from story development and publishing tips for a writing lesson that makes dollars and sense, Write It…Off!

Paying taxes may be inevitable, but paying more than you have to is not. Are you aware of the peculiar particulars of the U.S. tax code that may affect you as a writer? VCWC member Paula Williams will offer reliable information and best practices for writers to maximize tax benefits.

Paula founded the Simi Valley accounting firm, NumberCrunchers, in 1989. Licensed by the U.S. Treasury Office as an Enrolled Agent in 1993, she is authorized to serve as an advocate for taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service. She finds tax resolutions for individual and business taxpayers across the country.

She’s written guest columns on tax matters for The Ventura County Star, and was voted one of the area’s best tax preparers by the Star’s readers. Paula leads seminars on taxation and record keeping for small businesses and individuals. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Accounting/Information Systems.

Her tax blog on the company’s website offers easy-to-understand tax tips and information. Paula’s clients say in matters of taxes and finances, “she speaks your language.” [Paula and staff] …work really hard to give us all the financial advantages we are legally entitled to.”

A member of the VCWC critique group led by Theresa Schultz, she’s “re-editing the re-edited re-edit of her first novel.”

Just for laughs, she writes a humorous relationship blog called “Over Easy-Notes from the Estrogen Files” at

The feature presentation by Paula Williams, and First Ink, the debut book presentation of Suddenly Single: Women’s Guide to Finance by Mira Reverente, are both all about the money.

Fresh Ink, a monthly showcase for newly published works by VCWC members

Mira Reverente, aka the Money Savvy Mommy, is a journalist, editor, blogger and single mom. And a new member of VCWC. Suddenly Single: Women’s Guide to Finance is her debut book. Inspired by personal financial challenges she encountered after her divorce in 2012, and dismayed by the shortage of books for women in similar circumstances, she co-authored the book with Tracy Marcynzsyn.

Mira said, “I talked to friends, experts, mentors—anyone who had a story to tell—and some financial wisdom to impart.” Published in 2015, the book covers finance basics, bills, savings and investments. She’d love to autograph copies. The book will be available for sale at the meeting, and at .

Mira says she launched her blog to “expand my reach, continue the quest for money savviness and get the money dialogue going.” You can reach her on

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